Scribble Layout Tips

Nini, isn't the best with scribble layouts, but she'll try to help make your layouts more kawaii with this tutorial/guide.

Everyone ends up having their own scribbling style, whether it be, vectory, or very scribbly, or maybe even pixel-scribble. So try not to make your layouts look one way or another, and draw cute things. Like dung with cute faces like: XD, :D, :3, etcetc. And pandas, kitties, dinos, coffee, you know, all that cute stuff. ALWAYS TAKE YOUR TIME
Alwaysalwaysalways. take. your. time. wait and do everything with your best effort. Try using pastelly colors, something very light and soft. And zoom in, don't do it at 100%, maybe 800% would be good. Or the highest possible setting on MS Paint Zooming in keeps your lines more in close, rather then flying everywhere, and it'll stay more neat.

With nini's small knowledge, she has come up with this tutorial. and i hope it has helped :)

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