NR Layout Tips

Here are a few tips to give your NR layouts a little flare.

Try using textures and set them on different modes, for different effects. But you don't have to stop there! Maybe even 2+ textures. Although, when adding textures don't cover up or over do it. A few good effects would be screening on 60%, overlay on 40% and a solid black layer on 60% Just play around with all of your settings :)
Brushes! Duhhh. you always want to use brushes or your layout will feel empty. As much as you do use though, you don't want to cover up your beutiful texturized image. So don't use too much, when you have a very multi-bright colored layout maybe try using values [such as black&white]. When using a darker image, you could try using brighter colors that would really POP! And don't forget whitee! And always make sure you use a variety of brushes, becuase too many repetative brushes will become boring, and will make your eyes sore.

There are so many ways to enhance your layout, espically using tutorials, don't EVER follow any of them 100%, add a little of you, and that's what seperates yours from everyone elses. And also, your layouts won't look good from the very beginning, so keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it. Hope this tutorial helped you! :)

Written By Nini-Pants

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