Name: Omta *
Position: Founder, Graphics, Professional Lolligagger
Contact @: N/A
Extra: Webdesign, photography, Ben =), normal teenager stuff.

Name: Anthony
Position: Founder, Coder, Benefactor :^P
Contact @: N/A
Extra: Coding is fun :^D

Name: Cynthia *
Position: Founder, other stuff you'd envy
Contact @: N/A =]
Extra: I'll pretty much bore you to tears.

Name: Patty
Position: Founder, Being Cooler Than You & Annoyer of Staff
Contact @: PMs are fine.
Extra: I'm easy to get along with and blahh blahh blahh.

Name: Tom
Position: Admin
Contact @:
Extra: Well.. i rock ;)

Name: Ashley *
Position: Public Relations ADMIN (basically the affiliate finder, topsite submitter and all that fun stuff anthony hates)
Contact @: Click Here To Stalk ME!
Extra: I like eggs?!

Name: malevolentness *
Position: Admin
Contact @: N/A
Extra: Rawwr.

graphic designers
Name: nini *
Position: Graphics Designer, Queen Of Chocolate ;o
Contact @: OR xbreeze on neopets.
Extra: I like chocolate :)

Name: Tessa *
Position: Graphics
Contact @:
Extra: I pwn Tom =P He knows it too =o

Name: Amanda *
Position: Uber Swcheet Graphics Desinger xD
Contact @: Le Forumsss
Extra: I like Cheese.

Name: Saskia *
Position: Graphic Designer
Contact @:
Extra: Umm....stuff?

Name: Arkanan *
Position: Graphic Designer
Contact @:
Extra:I want a hero cookie!

Name: Jan *
Position: Graphics Designer
Contact @: bluey_moosy in neopets
Extra: I love my computer!

Name: Juanalynn *
Position: Graphics Designer, Pixel-a-tor
Contact @:
Extra: I see in Pixel vision! Oh and I like Dragons... (^_~*)

Name: Emi
Position: Graphicy desginer
Contact @:
0.o Aim= queen of toons
Extra: Neopets obsessed =D

Name:Rachael *
Position:Graphics designer
Contact @:forums or if its important
Extra:Photoshop is my best friend *hugs*

Name:Lexi *
Position:Graphics Designer
Extra:I like pillows

Name: Caitilynn *
Position: um, graphic designer and tutorial writer.
Contact @: PM or
Extra: Muahahaha. Luffliness.

Name: Emma *
Position: Graphics Designer
Contact @:
Extra: boo.

Name: Spade *
Position: Graphic Designer
Contact @:
Extra: ---

Name: Hooman
Position: Graphics Designer
Contact @:
Extra: I spend more than about 8 hours on the computer daily LOL! I love Neopets and my site!

Name: Alex
Position: Graphic Designer
Contact @: PM's are quite fine, thank you very much.
Extra: Some randomness is suppose to go here but this will do.

content writer

Name: Liz
Position: Content writer
Contact @: n/a
Extra: I heart animals

Name: Spike *
Position: Content writer
Contact @:
Extra:i like pie:)

Name:Anubis *
Position:Content writer
Contact @:PM me on the fourms
Extra: I rock

Name: snowflake *
Position: Game Guide Writer
Contact @: snowflake.ndc[at]
Extra: I write stuff. Well, try to anyway. And I like cheese. =3

forum moderators
Name: Lexy *
Position:Forum Mod
Extra:Anthony has the power to annoy me to death!

Name: Nikki (Nikita)
Position: Moderator,Queen of Poking Anthony =P
Contact @:
Extra:Everyone Luffs me =)

news posters

Name: HPV4 (caps)
Position: News Poster
Contact @: N/A
Extra: Harry Potter

Name: Natty
Position: NewsPoster , Sending You News For Everywhere
Contact @: Erm ...
Extra: Gwarsh , I Enjoy Making Graphics & Out - Going :)

Name: Emma *
Position: News Poster
Contact @: Forums, si vous plait
Extra: I like chocolate!

Name: Natty
Position: News Poster & Forum Moderator
Contact @:
Extra: My Name Is NOT Natalie ... Thanks Wink

* These staff members are no longer considered active staff because they have retired or gone missing. If you have a star beside your name erroneously PM anthony.

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