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Explanation to Making Websites

The Basic Concept of Making a Site

Before you even decide to touch that mouse and go ahead with making your site, you will have to be dedicated.
Your site will most likely not be successful if you are not 100% committed to your future site.
So, I think now it is time to move on. Now, the hardest part for me, in my point of view, is choosing a name. You have all the time in the world to choose a name. If you are like me, don?t stress about this so much.
Think it over until you are sure because, if you buy a domain, there is no going back.
Okay, before even choosing the name, you would probably want to think about the theme.
Is it neopets-related, anime, celeb, or all of them mixed together? That usually helps people decide on a name.
If it is neopets-related, not all sites must have the word ?neo? in them. But if you insist on having the word neo in your site name, go ahead! It?s not particularly bad thing. It is just overused.
Secondly, do not use big site names. As in Nobody usually remembers these types of names.
Thirdly, do not misspell words in your site name.
The most common misspelled word is ?graphix?. It just shows that you are too lazy to type it yourself. Usually, people misspell these words for one common reason, because the regular names are taken.
Instead of misspelling words, you should try picking words that are unique.

Step #2
Okay, on to the next step, which is hosting the site and types of domains. If you would favor a free host, then I would suggest Freewebs.
If you are looking for something that does not have ads, I would search on google for a site that offers what you specify.
Signing up is not difficult, but make sure your username is the sites name. If you are not the type that likes to give away personal info, then I would suggest not even creating a website or use Freewebs which does not require info.
Okay, we are finally done with that.
But we still have to cover domains.
Either, you can get the paid domains, or the free domains. - Commercial - Network - Organization - Educational - Government

Those are the major top-level domains.
These require you to pay though. If you are not the money-waster and want a free domain, I would suggest
Some hosts already come with a domain, as in Freewebs or Bravenet. You are required to use that at first, then you may change it after you register.

Step #3
Okay, we are getting closer to finishing every step.
The next step to making a website would be a layout.
This is very crucial to owning a site. Nobody would want to even look at a site that has a horrible/premade layout. Premade layouts are okay at some points. As in, just getting your site ready. But at other times, it just shows that you are too lazy to make layout or that you cannot make graphics.
Most importantly, do not steal premade layouts.
People work hard to make these for you; it would just ruin their work if you steal it.

Step #4
On to the next step, which is content.
What is the whole point of having a website, if you can?t put up content?
There is no reason to even create a site, unless it?s a self-blog site. To have a basic graphic-based website, here are some ideas of types of content.

Guild Layouts
Petpage Layouts

There are many, many more ideas for graphics. Be creative!
Don?t go for the obvious.
Try something not used before.
It makes your site all the more better.
Now, you might also want to add some guides and tutorials.
Make sure to add all kinds of tutorials. If you use MS Paint, don?t just do tutorials for that! Have some staff that use other programs and can make efficient tutorials for those programs.

Step #5
Okay, we are almost finished.
The next step to making a site, would be getting Affiliates.
Now, only go to this step if you are ready for visitors and have a decent amount of content.
Always read the rules for being a Affiliate to a site.
Some sites require a certain number of visitors a day and such.
First of all, you need to have a button for sites to put on their site.
Not only do you have to worry about applying, but you also need to have a page about people applying to affiliate to your site.

Step #6
The final step to making a getting staff!
Sorry, I had to build up the suspense. If you want to run a site all by yourself, that is perfectly fine!
You would probably want to advertise that you are hiring staff on your front page.
Most people don't trust people with access to the whole site unless they are co-owner.
I would give the staff your email address so they could email you the graphic/tutorial/guide.

Now, just use these tips to start your site.

Tutorial by Alex

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