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Welcome to neotacular | Forums

Find an Error?
If you find an error on our site, such as the layout stretching on a page, a typo, or code showing where it shouldn't, please send us an error report in the Report an Error Forum!

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Unfortunately our guides are pretty out of date, if you have any corrections or additions, we'd be happy to receive them through our "Send us Stuff" form

Select the guide type:

ImageHow to Get It
Neomail AddictRandom when sending a neomail, or you also get it when you join Premium Neopets
Battle JubJubLookup any Jubjub. I used this one.
YurbleLookup any Yurble. I used this one.
Grundo WarehouseEnter the following code at the Grundo Warehouse: A384J-228P1
HelpfulGo to the help page and search for the word "avatar". Refresh until you get the avatar.
Dr. DeathGo to the disown page
Techo MasterGo to the Island Wisdom Page.
Defenders of Neopia - LupeJust go Here.
Defenders of Neopia - AishaJust go Here.
Grey FaerieLookup the Grey Faerie in the Neopedia.
Angelpuss - AngelSearch for the word angelpuss.
Pirate! - AishaJust click here.
Pirate! - KrawkJust click here.
Pirate! - ShoyruJust click here.
Pirate! - ScorchioJust click here.
Maraquan KrawkLook up a Maraquan Krawk. I used this one.
Grundo - FaerieLook up a Faerie Grundo. I used this one.
Plushie EyrieType the word "squawk" in the message board. (without quotes) Squawk must be the subject and mesage. You can't have any neoHTML, siggy, and your avatar needs to be set to default.
Soup Faerie - KindFeed your pet(s) at the soup kitchen. (You may need to do this more than once)
Usukicon - ShopkeeperGo to the Usukiland Shop and watch the advert.
Usukicon - UsulsGo to the Usukiland Shop and watch the advert.
Ghost LupeBeat the Ghost Lupe!
Meuka SnotBeat Meuka!
Kasuki LuBeat Kasuki Lu!
Black PteriBeat the Black Pteri
HeermeedjetBeat the Meerca Henchmen on Defenders of Neopia mission 8 (NOTE: Might get Meerouladen instead)
MeerouladenBeat the Meerca Henchmen Defenders of Neopia mission 8 (NOTE: Might get Heermeedjet instead)
Space FaerieBeat the Space Faerie (Note:You get her as a challenger as a special item code)
GruslenAttach a Gruslen to your pet for 100 or more days
MazzewAttach a Mazzew to your pet for 200 or more days
Snowbunny - WheeHave a Snowbunny attached to your pet for at least a year
SlorgAttach a Slorg to your pet for 100 or more days
MootixAttach a Mootix to your petpet, then refresh at Quick Ref until you get it
AngelpussAttach an Angelpuss to your active pet then refresh at Quick Ref until you get it
MeowclopsAttach a Meowclops to your active pet then refresh at Quick Ref until you get it
Plushie NovaYou got it in the McDonald's Giveaway (May 31, 2004)
Darigan - RedeemedIf you were on Darigan's side in the first Meridell Battle you can go to Darigan's Chambers and get it
BFM - Squished SpidersIf you were in the second Meridell Battle go to your userlookup to get it
Easter CybunnyYou got it by sending an Easter Neo-Greeting on Easter
Quiguki April Fools AvatarYou got it by looking at the News Page on April 1, 2004
Illusen Doll?Available on Illusen Day when you completed one of Illusen's Quests.
Wanna Play?You got it by scoring at least one point in the Staff TCG Tournament
GadgadsYou could only get it on Gadgadsbogen Day by going here.
Jhudora - EvilAvailable on Jhudora Day when you completed one of Jhudora's Quests.
Chia - LoveSend this neogreeting to someone on Valentines Day!
I *heart* SlothYou had to go to a certain page, but it doesn't work anymore
Attack PeaHad to go to the Advent Calendar on Day 4 in Year 5 (I think?)
TCG WizardYou got it by guessing correctly in the Staff TCG Tournament
I Saved Mystery IslandYou had to be one of the first 10,000 people to solve the Mystery Island plot
Volcano Reward?You had to be one of the first 100 people to solve the Mystery Island plot
Darigan DarklingYou had to fight in the first Battle for Meridell
Meridell KnightYou had to fight in the first Battle for Meridell
Free JhuidahYou had to make an expensive potion that would make Jhuidah her normal size again and then you got this. It was part of the Mystery Island plot.
PwnedThe Lab Ray must change your pet's species
Island QuiggleOwn an Island Quiggle and go to its pet lookup (you might have to refresh)
Forever OrangeOwn an Orange Grundo and go to its pet lookup (you might have to refresh)
*sigh*Own a grey pet and go to its pet lookup (you might have to refresh)
Kacheek - SwimGo to the Mystery Island Beach with a Kacheek as your active pet
Buzzin'Paint a Buzz any color at the Rainbow Fountain
WerelupeOwn a Halloween Lupe and go to its pet lookup (you might have to refresh)
Let It Snow!Have an Icy Snow Flake in your inventory while visiting the Terror Mountain Weather Page. (It must be either snowing, or a blizzard to obtain this avatar)
Kass MinionClick here
It's Alive!Click here
RukiClick here
EmoChange your shop keeper to the Usul - Gothic one and then go to your shopfront. (NOTE: If you change your shopkeeper from the Usul - Gothic and look at your shop front YOU WILL LOOSE THE AVATAR Solution: Change your shopkeeper and don't look at your shopfront)
ToastyBuy an item that contains the world "bread" and then go here
SssidneyScratch 3 of a kind on one of Sidney's Scratch Cards.
HeroClick here
Back Off!Click Here.
GoldyClick Here.
GormballBe the last one standing at gormball.
Baby Pteri CrackedVisit a Baby Pteri. Click Here.
Coco RollerYou need to download this game onto your cellphone and then play the game. At the end you should see this code that you will need to put here in order to get the avatar. *NOTE* it costs REAL money to download this game so if you can't afford it you can ask the friendly people on the avatar board if they can give you a code x).
Colorful KorbatClick Here.
DoomedKeep on refreshing at the Game Grave Yard until you get this avatar.
Island MysticVisit the Island Mystic daily until your fortune contains the word "kyrii".
Do Not Eat!Feed your neopet anything that contains the word Carrot.
*Mew*Feed at least 75 kadoaties at the Kadoatery.
Buzz!Get a score of 300+ at the Buzzer Game.
Smuggler's DubloonGet a score of 800+ at Dubloon Disaster.
Poogle WinnerWin a round at Poogle Racing
BrainyComplete the Faerie Crossword Puzzle.
Hungry?Get a score of 1000+ at Jelly Processing.
Petpet PuddleGet a score of 2500+ at Petpetsitter.
KenoHave at least 4 correct numbers at Keno.
Hannah and the Pirate CavesGet a score of 150,000+ at Hannah and the Pirate Caves.
Island KacheekPlay Kacheek Seek, it's random when you get the avatar so keep on playing!
Windy HarrisOwn a harris for over 100 days.
Garlic'dFeed your pet any food with the word "Garlic" in it. Or change the language to portuguese and feed your pet a 'Leek'
Snow FaerieSimply complete a Snow Faerie Quest.
ScalawagYou will get it as a random event when playing Buried Treasure.
AchyfiFeed your pet any food item with the word 'juice' in it.
Jazzmosis ElephanteWatch Jazzmosis play at the concert hall.
Baby BuzzSimply type: "I love Baby Buzz!" into the search box which can be found on the side bar.
Tooth FaerieA totally random event when the Tooth Faerie visits, she will give you an avatar, instead of NPs.
Kiosk WockyScratch and win at the Scratch Card Kiosk.
Fiery PteriClick Here.
Advert AttackGet a score of 500+ at Advert Attack.
HuggyHave a "Huggy" attached for at least 100 days and then go to its lookup.
Lever of DoomPull the Lever of Doom until you get the avatar. *NOTE* it costs 100np to pull the lever.
WickedFeed your lenny a "spooky food".
Plushie TonuSimply donate a plushie to the money tree.
Ice Cream MachineTo get the new icecream avatar you need to get 15000+ at The Ice Cream Machine.
Tonu ChargeBattle a darigan tonu at the battle dome.
RaindorfTo get the new spiffy raindorf avatar thing you need to find a raindorf that is attached to a pet. Or simply click here.
V-BallGet a score of 850+ or just beating all the rounds at Mynci Beach Volley Ball.
Uni-BeautyTo get this avatar all you have to do is groom your pet. I think the Illusens Comb, its the cheapest I think.
Destruct-O-Match IIGet a Score of 2500+ at Destruct-O-Match II.
Spotted GelertClick Here.
SnicklebeastHave a Snicklebeast attached to your pet for 60+ days.
I *Heart* HappinessYou had to have the 'I *Heart* Sloth' avatar as your active one and click here.
SnowagerRandom when you get blasted with the icy breath of The Snowager
OHEMGEE!Visit the lookup of a Female Royal Bruce. Click Here.
Plastic FirGo to the Advent Calendar on December 1st.
WreathyClick Here.
Battle FaerieA random event when winning a fight at the Battledome. It make several wins before the avatar shows up, the avatar shows up on the 'win' page.
Blumaroo - Chef BonjuMix Orange Juice + Gourmet Cooking for your Pet + Blumaroo Steak together at the Mystery Island Cooking Pot while using 'Mad About Orange' as your avatar. Note: This avatar is believed to be seasonal, you can only earn it in August.
BlehClick Here.
Dice EscapeGet a score of 1000+ at Dice Escape.
Broken ToyFix a broken toy here.
Attack of the SlorgsGet a Score of 1000+ at Attack of the Slorgs
Random ContestWin a Random Contest.
Robot JetsamFight a Jetsam in the Battledome.
Got Dubloons?Finish a course at Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy.
YoinkedGet a Score of 1250+ at Freaky Factory.
Gnome!Have a Gnome and go to the Garden Shop.
BrightvaleLand on the right space at The Wheel Of Knowledge.
SwabbyGet a Score of 825+ at Deckswabber.
Moody SkarlRandom when you get thrown out by the Grumpy Old King.
Dark PeophinClick Here.
Neopian Times StarHave 10 articles published in The Neopian Times.
LuckyWin the Jackpot at Dice-A-Roo.
Kiko NinjaHave a Niten Hiroru card in your inventory and go to his Neopedia Article.
Return of Dr. Sloth ChampionA prize for the Return of Dr. Sloth Tournament (Real Life).
SnowmuncherGet a Score of 5000+ at Snowmuncher.
CliffhangerLose at Cliffhanger.
Sinsi ShapeshifterBeat Level 5 on Shapeshifter. You will get it on the index page, not while playing.
Whack-A-KassGet a Score of 860+ at Whack-A-Kass.
MediocreLand on 1000 at The Wheel of Mediocrity.
Evil ViraHave an item containing the word "Mirror" in your inventory and Click Here.
MagicalUse any Morphing Potion on your pet.
Turmaculus - MMM!Get your petpet eaten by Turmaculus.
Queen FyoraPlay with a Faerie Queen Doll.
Super PeaEquip a Super Attack Pea to a Pea Chia.
Defender MoehogRandom when playing Invasion of Meridell.
Pink PopcornYou must have a Pink pet and feed it something with the word "popcorn" in it.
MonotonyLand on the avatar space at The Wheel of Monotony.
Fire PawPut a Fire Paw card into your Neodeck.
Raiders of MaraquaGet a Score of 800+ at Raiders of Maraqua.
SlothRandom Event.
Maths NightmareBe in the Top 50 for Maths Nightmare.
FyoraPurchase an item at the Hidden Tower.
Number SixHave the same amount of np as Adam when you visit the About Us page.
Wheel of ExcitementWin 10,000 np from the Wheel of Excitement.
Illusen's GladeComplete quest 20 of Illusen's Glade.
Jhudora's CloudComplete quest 20 of Jhudora's Cloud.
Grundo Snow ThrowBe in the Top 50 for Grundo Snow Throw.
CaparaDefeat Capara in Cheat.
Better Than YouComplete a Better Than You Challenge.
Escape From Meridell CastleBe in the Top 50 for Escape From Meridell Castle.
ChocolateBuy a rarity 90+ chocolate from The Chocolate Factory.
Evil PoogleHave the Malevolent Sentiment Poogle Plushie (TCG) in your inventory.
TauntHave an item in your inventory with an estimated value of at least 1,000,000 np and keep refreshing.
CodestoneHave all 10 codestones in your inventory and keep refreshing.
Mad About OrangeHave 8 different items containing the word "orange" in your inventory and keep refreshing.
Hungry SkeithHave your Skeith eat an item with the word "skeith" in it.
Coconut JubjubFeed Your Coconut Jub Jub a Tropical Food (i.e. Coconut Cocktail)
Grarrl WarriorEquip Your Grarrl with a Bony Grarrl Club.
ChokatoPut the Chokato (TCG) card in your inventory and keep refreshing.
DungHave 10 different items with the word "dung" in them and refresh.
ChompFeed an Aquatic Petpet to your Jetsam (i.e. Pepito)
Freaked KorbatBe in the Top 50 for Korbat's Lab.
Edna's CackleRandom Event when you complete one of Edna's Quests.
BOO!Play with a Blue Evil Fuzzle ALOT!
Avatar CollectorBe in the Top 50 for NeoBoard Avatar Collector.
Extreme Potato CounterGet a Score of 200+ at Extreme Potato Counter.
Deadly DiceTie with Count Von Roo in the first round of Deadly Dice, but defeat him the second time.
Mystery Island StampComplete the Mystery Island Stamp Page.
Virtupets StampComplete the Virtupets Stamp Page.
Tyrannia StampComplete the Tyrannia Stamp Page.
Plushie TycoonReceive a High Score (50,001+) in Plushie Tycoon.
Haunted WoodsComplete the Haunted Woods Stamp Page.
Suteks TombGet a Score of 2000+ at Sutek's Tomb.
Hungry DrackonackRefresh in your inventory with a Drackonack and a Piece of Cheese.
Lost Desert StampComplete the Lost Desert Stamp Page.
Mutant JubjubTurn your pet into a Mutant by giving it a Transmogrification Potion.
Bilge DiceGet a perfect score in Bilge Dice.
Lucky StreakWin 10 times in a row in Bilge Dice.
MagaxGet a Score of 3000+ at MAGAX: Destroyer.
Pet RockAttend a Sticks N Stones concert at the Concert Hall.
SnorkleFeed your pet a Snorkle Snout.
Alien AishaUse any kind of Nerkmid at the Alien Vending Machine.
Chia BomberGet a Score of 1300+ at Chia Bomber.
Elephante SupriseFeed your Elephante a Bag of Peanuts.
Ultimate BullseyeGet a Score of 225+ at Ultimate Bullseye.
Pack RatHave at least 1,000 items in your Safety Deposit Box.
Gadsgads GameGet a Score of 1000+ at Gadsgads Game.
 JesterRandom Event when you get 750 points+ when telling a joke to the Grumpy King.
Eliv ThadeGet a Score of 1200+ at Eliv Thade.
Plushie LennyGet the correct answer to the Lenny Conundrum and be one of the first 250 people to answer it.
WeaklingBe defeated by a Plains Lupe in Neoquest II.
DevilpussDefeat a Devilpuss in chapter five of Neoquest II.
Gourmet Club BowlsGet a Score of 900+ at Gourmet Club Bowls.
 VexedRandom when playing Cellblock.
Faboo UniBuy a rarity 80+ item in the Clothing Shop.
GroovyGo and see Chomby and the Fungus Balls in concert.
Bless you, ShoyruBless a Shoyru with a Bottled Faerie.
FunnyWin the 400th (or 500th, 600th etc.) Caption Contest.
Ugga UggaGet 15 points in Tyranu Evavu.
Bionic CybunnyBeat a Bionic Cybunny in Neoquest II.
Pick your OwnGet 6 berries in Pick your Own without finding any DUNG!
Haunted ScorchioEquip a spooky weapon to one of your pets.
TNTYou can not get this avatar if you are a normal user you have to be on the staff of neopets.
SlugawooVisit the lookup of a pet with a Slugawoo attached to it. Click Here.
Marquan ChombyVisit a Maraquan Chomby's lookup. Click Here.
Wheel of MisfortuneSpin the Wheel of Misfortune and land on the Pile of Sludge.
Good Or BadView Chapter 5 of the Curse of Maraqua plot.
Shoyru - ToughOWN a shoyru, and win in the Battledome.
*Meep*Score 3500+ in the Meepit Juice Break Game.
Dark NovaAttach any Dark Nova Battledome Item to your neopet.
Captain ScarbladeView Page 2 of the "How to Draw Captain Scarblade" Guide.
GloomyView the Weather Page on a gloomy day.
Ghost KrawkOwn a Krawk, have it as your active pet, then visit the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island.
Bon AppetitDine at the Kelp restraunt in Maraqua and take home leftovers. NOTE: To take home leftovers your pet must be bloated. So feed it before you get in.
HaikuKeep refreshing the Haiku Generator.
Meepit Vs. FeepitScore 3000+ points at the Meepit vs Feepit Game.
Cybunny - Who MeView the pet-lookup of any pink cybunny.
AsplodeYou can get this avatar 2 ways, Battle with your lupe and lose, OR, LOSE to Balthazar in the Battledome.
PinataBreak open a Pinata
Kiko - ClayJust Click Here
NiptorJust Click Here!
ZomuttVisit a pet with a zomutt attached.
Pirate MoehogClick here
MoachClick Here
Sewage SurferFlood level 50 of Sewer Surfer and then quit the game. Do not complete the level, just quit at level 50 after flooding it.
King KelpbeardHave a maractite weapon in your inventory then go view King Kelpbeard's TCG.
YarrbleClick Here
PremiumTo get this avatar you have to be a premium member. When you become a premium member you have to invite 4 people to premium and they must stay at neopets premium over the 15 day trial.
Petpet RescueScore 250+ points at the game Petpet Rescue.
Quiggle *aaay*Click Here
Baby NimmoClick Here
Top GamerHave 250+ games listed on your High Scores List while you visit it.
Kau - StarClick Here
FishingNOTE: we've had one confirmation, any others? Catch a giant (titanic?) squid around your pet's skill of 15.
Royal AcaraClick Here
QuadrapusHave a Quadrapus attached to your pet for a certain amount of days and then visit the lookup of your pet. NOTE: The youngest Quadrapus that has give the avatar is 61 days.
Rainbow FlotsamClick Here
NeoQuest - WiseGive the Clouded gem to Erick the Cybunny in Neoquest I. He is located in the Temple Of Roo.
Sophie The Swamp WitchClick Here
Tuskaninny - SpottedVisit the petlookup of your tuskaninny while you have an item with the word 'spotted' in it's name in your inventory. This means you must own a tuskaninny to get this avatar. A cheap item you can use is Lesser Spotted Fish.
LostThis avatar is randomly given to those who find an item in the Deserted Tomb in The Lost City of Geraptiku.
Pirate SupporterView your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Pirate Supporter.
Pirate WarriorView your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Pirate Warrior.
Maraquan SupporterView your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Maraquan Supporter.
Maraquan WarriorView your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Maraquan Warrior.
Kiko - RockGo to the music page then right click, and click "View Source" have the view source window open, then press CTRL + F and search secretavatar it will show you a link, copy the link and paste it in your address bar. Then Click Go and you'll get the avatar.
CustardFeed your pet any item with the word 'Custard' in it. An the cheapest item to buy is Chilled Eyeball Custard. You can also get a word that has 'Cream' in it then change your language to portuguese and then feed your pet the cream item, and you will get the avatar also.
Neopian Times WriterHave any sort of article, comic, etc. published in the 200th issue of the neopian times.
Peophin - PurpleClick Here
Wocky - CamouflageClick Here
MummifiedHave a mummy baby attached to a halloween ruki for a limited time. NOTE: Still finding How many Days.
Snow Dayvist the lookup of YOUR snowpet that is 100+ days old
Fire BlumarooHave a Fire Blumaroo with a fire petpet 71+ days, then view the pet lookup.
Hatched-DraikOwn a Draik or Draik Egg and go to the Draiks Nest
spotted tuskaninnyOwn a Tuskaninny, then visit its pet lookup with an item containing the word "spotted" in your inventory.
KrawkOwn a Krawk and visit the Fungus Caves.
BobLose to Punchbag Sid in the Battledome (he appears randomly when fighting BOB)
yes boys ice creamWatch Yes Boy Ice Cream in concert at the Concert Hall.
Jub ZambraWatch Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers in concert at the Concert Hall.
Burninate!Have any scorchio plushie in your inventory and Click Here
ZDAPOwn a Zafara Double agent plushie and search in the yellow search bar, "Zafara Double agent" to get the avatar.
NabileHave any item with the word "ring" in it and visit this page. If you want to get both the Tomos and Nabile avatars with the same item, buy a Scarab Ring.
TomosHave any item with the word "scarab" in it and visit This page. If you want to get both the Tomos and Nabile avatars with the same item, buy a Scarab Ring.
RoboPut any Robo pet into your NeoHome. If you use a Robo-Quiggle, make sure to change your language to Japanese first.
CutardFeed your pet an item with the word "custard" in it.
Mew!Feed 75 Kadoaties at the Kadoatery.
petpet labHave your petpet turned into a Pile of Soot at the Petpet Lab Ray.
FlorgEarn over 1,200 points in Feed Florg. Note there will be no pop-up event, it will just appear in your list.
Faerie BubblesEarn over 2,000 points in Faerie Bubbles.
Extreme HerderEarn over 230+ points in extreme herder
SymolRandom event at the Symol Hole.
WASMScore 2250+ points at Whack-a-Staff-Member.
HeadsCollect your winnings when you have 320 or more Neopoints at Double or Nothing.
Cheese RollerRandom event when winning in under 60 seconds in Cheeseroller.
Volcano RunScore at least 3,500 points in Volcano Run.
Grand Theft UmmagineScore over 1,100 points in Grand Theft Ummagine.
Typing TerrorGet 3600+ points in Typing Terror.
Guess the mortogGuess correctly four times in a row on Guess the Mortog.
Lost?Random while winning somthing from th Desserted Tomb
Uhh ohh...Your pet must be at a fishing level of 90+ and you must catch a Titanic Giant Squid.
WarriorIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war, go to your userlookup.
WarriorIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war, go to your userlookup.
SupporterIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war, go to your userlookup.
SupporterIf you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war, go to your userlookup.
NT WriterYou have to had a piece published in the 200th issue of the Neopian Times.
Koi Spotted PlushieHave ANY Koi Plushie and view a Painted Koi Here's One
Moehog - HalloweenHave in your inventory any item with "Sloth" in the item name and view the pet lookup of a Halloween Moehog.
Chomby - ColourfulSimply visit a rainbow chomby, such as Hypeo
Happy Valley StampsComplete the Happy Valley Stamp collection and then go here.
King HagenGet an A+ and score a 750 out of 1,000 at Wise Old King.
Evil CoconutKnock down a coconut at the Coconut Shy. (not explode)
Feed FlorgScore 250+ from the game Feed Florg.
Faerie BubblesGet a score of 2000+ on Faerie Bubbles.
Kacheek - herderGet 250+ in the game Extreme herder.
Revenge is SweetGet 2250+ in the game Whack-A-Staff-Member.
Skeith - SnarganGet 320 points in the game Double or nothing and collect your winnings.
Techno - CheesyFinish Cheeseroller in less than 60 seconds, though its Random.
Volcano RunGet 1500 in the game Volcano run II
Grand theft ummagineGet 1100 in the game Grand theft ummagine
Typing TerrorGet 3600 in the game Typing Terror.
10th BirthdayClaim the mystery prize during Neopets' 10th Birthday.
A Day At The BeachRelax and take a Tiki Tour.
Acara - Roberta of BrightvaleVisit Brightvale Scrollery
Disco AishaVisit a Disco Aisha, we used Miss_Aisha_2001.
Hoban the NavigatorSubmit at least two correct answers for the Cyodrake's Gaze problem, visit the Answer page to see if you qualify.
Altador CupAwarded for participating in either 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009 Altador cup and scoring at least one point. Claim this avatar on the Altador Cup Prize Page.
Altador Cup PlayerPlay and win enough games in the Altador Cup to reach level 1, and refresh at the status page.
Altador Cup - Staff TourneyIf you correctly chose at least one staff member in the Altador Cup Tourney, you are eligible to receive the avatar. Visit the Final Standings page to see if you qualify.
Angry Air MoteBuy something with a Rarity of 70 or higher from the Brightvale Motery
AnubisVisit the lookup of a Desert-painted pet with an Anubis attached. We used Kilexia.
Atlas Of the AncientsThis avatar will be available if you participated in the AOTA plot, along with prizes, a sidebar theme and other goodies. Visit this page.
Bori - Grumpy Visit the page of a beat-up Plushie Bori, such as fairy_wares.
Mutant BruceVisit a Mutant Bruce, such as Barnzy24.
Buzz - MaraquanThe easiest way to obtain this avatar, is to highlight the text directly above the Buzz Caption Contest image (664) and then press Tab once and then press the Enter key.
Carnival of TerrorEarn this avatar by playing Carnival of Terror 2 and scoring 725 points or more.
Cybunny - PlushVisit a Plushie Cybunny, like Bandaid, with a 'plushie' item in your inventory or trading lots.
CyodrakeVisit a pet that has a Cyrodrake attached, we visited Braveheart_Bruces page.
Daily Dare Staff TournamentVisited the 2010 Daily Dare Staff Tournament and submiited picks.
Daily Dare Staff Tournament 2011You need to have voted for a team in the 2011 Daily Dare Staff Tournament.
Dark LurkerRandomly awared when you buy something from any Deserted Fairground, Haunted Woods, or Neovian Shop.
Elephante - To War!Visit an Elephante with Battle experience like RedRubyEllie.
Faellie - It's Alive!Visit a Pet page that has a Faellie attached. We used Zen_Grundo.
Faerie PteriVisit the page of a Faerie Pteri, such as Ilyvera.
Festival of NeggsY12Participate in the 2010 Festival of Neggs and complete each quest before the release day of the next quest.
Festival of Neggs Y13Participate in the 2011 Festival of Neggs and complete each quest before the release day of the next quest.
Flotsam - ToughVisit a Flotsam that has Strength boost of 55 or higher, we went to see Millysal.
GadGadsGameGet a score of over 1000 in the GadGadsGame, game.
Gamesmaster - AAAThis avatar was earned by beating AAA, Abigail, or both, 15 times in the 2007 Daily dare Competition.
Starry - GelertVisit a Starry Gelert, such as Akiataie, with a 'starry' item in your inventory, such as a Starry Sea Fern.
GogglesYou get this avatar while randomly trying clothes on at the NC Mall. You don't need to purchase anything, but the avatar doesn't count towards your total avatar count, unfortunately. It also doesn't show up as an event, so check your avatar list to see if you've got it.
Grarrl - DariganVisit a Darigan Grarrl, such as GiantRawr.
Grarrl - Galem DarkhandSearch for the Galem Darkhand collectable card, or simply visit here!
Grundo - Discarded PlushieVisit the The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, he may randomly award you with this avatar.
Grundo - Snowthrow!Score over 10,000 when playing Snow Wars II.
Happy Birthday!Visit the News Page on Neopets' Birthday (15th November)
Hissi - IceYou receive this avatar by visiting an aged Ice Hissi. Memwon should work.
Imposter AppleThis avatar is awarded when an Imposter Apple is won at the apple Bobbing Tank.
Ixi - DiscoPay a Disco Ixi a visit. We used Derpot.

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