How to make wrinkled paper

Its actually SIMPLE!!!

1. Get your canvas.

2. Hit the bucket (fill)

3. Place it on the "pattern" setting

4. Choose "Color Paper" from the pattern list.

5. It should be on the second line forth one, note book.

6. Fill it with that

7. Make a new layer

8. Select the gradient tool

9. Change the mode from "Normal" to "Difference"

10. Change the color from whatever it is to a darker black adn grey

11. Start dragging the gradient tool around all the way and continue until happy with the stuff.

12. Then go to Filter > Stylize > Emboss , leave settings at default.

13. In the layers pallet change the mode of the wrinkles from "Normal" to "HARD light"

Done Written by Kat (amac) 13. Do

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