Mynci Beach Volleyball

Mynci Beach Volleyball World Difficulty NP Ratio
Medium Easy 2.68
First Place Second Place Third Place

Mystery Island is great, it's hot most of the year, and there is always a beautiful tropical breeze. Why not head down to the beach and play a spot of Volleyball? Mynci Beach Volleyball to be precise!

Game Controls:
The game controls are very simple. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your Mynci closer and father away from the net. Use the spacebar to jump up and hit the ball.

Power Ups:
This game has some power ups that can help you out. By using the ball and hitting the Pawkeet, you can get any of the following power ups.

Big Net- the net suddenly gets bigger (about one and a half times bigger).
Giant Ball- increases the size of the ball
Small Net- the net suddenly shrinks.
Superjump- this gives you the ability to jump up farther and for a little bit longer period of time. very useful
Supersized- this makes you grow to about twice your original size.
Superspeed- this gives you a little
Turdle- a turdle appears on the opposite side of the net. If the user moves over turdle, then the user is stuck/it harder for the user to move a few seconds or till a point is scored.

Every game has some hidden secret or cheat, find all of them here.
dirigibles- want a pointless, but cool secret? type this into your game and see Kiko blimp float across.
turdle- turdle appears on the opposite of the net. Only can be used once per game.

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