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Making a Successful Guild

Making a Successful Guild

Step 1 - Dedicated
Okay, I know I always say this, but it is quite important.
If you just want to skip this rule, fine, go ahead, but your guild would be that successful unless you are 100% dedicated.
Your guild will sink down the drain if you aren?t motivated.
Now think, why do we have guilds?
Well, guilds are a way to get to know others and chat, to meet people with the same interests.
Now, if you can update daily, entertain members, get members, come up with good ideas for the guild, and be active, then you are ready to go on to the next step.

Step 2 ? Theme and Name
Usually, the theme of a guild can help you think of a name.
In some cases at least.
Do you want your guild to be multi, celebrity, NR, animal related, theme less, artistic, Harry potter related, anime?
Now, usually people try to pick the most popular ones.
Which is NR and celebrity in this case. Some people try to be unique and go for the unobvious.
Which would be something like paintbrush related.
But usually, most people in general stick to the most popular ones. As I said before, which is NR and celebrity.
Okay, so now that you have chosen a theme, let?s try to pick a name.

This is sometimes very, very frustrating.
I, for instance, have to find co-owners to help me with all the guild stuff because it is very difficult. Avoid having long guild names. Also, avoid putting symbols into your guild name.
As in, ?:::: PUPPY LOV3RS FOR LiF3@::::?
It will most likely not get you members.

Step 3 ? Co-owners
Okay, I know I said I have had to have co-owners help me with the guild.
In some cases, this is a good thing, and in others, it is a bad thing.
Pick someone you can trust entirely. Who knows, you may pick some random stranger to be your guilds co-owner, but he ends up being irresponsible in the end.

Step 4 ? Council Members
Okay, let me just tell you guys one thing. DO NOT FILL UP COUNCIL!!!
You will most likely not get as many members if you fill up council spots. People expect to see open council when they join.
They would like a fair chance at getting council positions and if you already fill it up there is no point for them to join.
I would suggest, filling up only two spaces. Which are Owner and Co-owner. You have 3 council positions left. Give them wisely.
Not just to some random person who joins, seems active, donates a lot, and then after getting council does nothing to help the guild.

Step 5 ? Sub Council
Most guilds usually have sub council, for two reasons.
There may be more, but I?m just listing the main reasons.
The main reasons are either, to avoid filling up regular council, or because the council is already filled up.
Now, it is your choice to have a sub council position in your guild.

Step 6 ? Layout
Okay, we finally reached the layout step.
Most people have a layout in their guild.
It makes their guild attractive in other words.
I?d suggest not having a premade layout.
But if you desire it, then it is okay. If you insist on making your own and you don?t know how, I?d suggest reading tutorials.
If that doesn?t work, have a co-owner who is knowledgeable with Css/Html/ and Graphics.
Or just get a premade. I know I just hit on this briefly, but it really isn?t that hard to make/get a layout.

Step 7 ? Website
All guilds should have their own website.
Even if you can?t make a layout for the website, just use CSS. It doesn?t need to be all fancy on Freewebs or even your own domain name. Just use your petpage as a last resort. Make sure the website gives information about the guild and updates about the guild, or new ideas for the guild.

Step 8 - Friendly
No matter what happens, you have to be friendly towards your guild members even if they are being unfriendly to you.
It won?t get you more members if everyone knows you are starting fights in your own guild.
Ban or delete a member if they start being unfriendly.
Make a set of rules that the members have to follow.
It will keep order in the guild.

Step 9 ? Contests
?Contests, raffles, or any other promotions promising a prize are not allowed on Neopets whether it be in a user's shop, guild, etc. The Neopets terms and conditions state that promotions offering prizes of any sort (including contests, raffles, lotteries, chain letters or any kind of giveaway) are not allowed.

If you come across a guild or shop owner that is breaking this rule, please use the abuse reporting form to tell us about it. We need your help to enforce this rule. Some people use so-called contests or raffles as a way to scam people out of their NP and/or items, which is why they had to be banned altogether.

If your guild has a competition that offers NO reward or prize, this is not considered a contest, so it is okay. Just be careful how you advertise the competition. If you refer to it as a contest, the monitors will assume that it means a prize is being offered and you will likely receive a warning.?
This proves that you can not hold any contests of any sort.

Step 10 ? Donations
If you happen to create a donation shop of some sort, be wise with the donations.
Don?t use them for yourself.
That is just a disgrace towards the guild.
Use them for daily giveaways or saving up for a special item if it is an avatar-lending guild.

Step 11 ? Advertising
If you think your guild is ready to start advertising and has all the content it needs up, then you are ready to come to this step.
If your guild has nothing on it and has skipped all these steps, then do not advertise.
Some people use banners in shops to advertise and others use the neoboards.
I would suggest the neoboards is more reliable for getting members.
When someone makes a topic called, ?Guildless?, than that is your cue to post an ad in there.
Or you could make your own board.

I hope you all have taken some knowledge of this tutorial.
Tutorial by Alex from Neotacular

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