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Full Explainations: Basics (Part 1)

Full explanations: The basics.
Now this guide is for the newbie.
This will teach you every thing you need to know to begin with Photoshop!
Let?s start with brushes.

That?s the brush icon, please select it.
Now, please make a new layer (SHIFT+CTRL+N) or make a new canvas (CTRL+N).
Seeing you have your brush open, let?s change the size.
Right click your canvas, you will get this:

I have circled a thing called the ?Master Diameter?
That?s the size.
Go ahead and play around with it.
There is also another important thing, called ?Hardness?.

The ?hardness? shows how hard it is, obviously.
0% is soft. 100% is hard.
Experiment with these two things.
Now, another thing is Brushes.
There are basic brushes (Circle, Square, etc.)
Also there are others, included with Photoshop.
But sometimes you will want your own style, so you can search for ?Adobe Photoshop brushes?, or make your own.

If you are searching, once you find some you like, download the ABR file, NOT THE IMAGES! If it?s in a ?.zip? file, unzip it and make sure its ?.abr?

Now, once this is done, go into Photoshop, right click the canvas and hit that arrow (circled below).

On the bottom image you see the menu once you click it.
Click the one highlighted.
Now select the ABR file you downloaded, and use it.
Congratulations, you have now installed your first brushes in Photoshop!
Now we move on to other things, such as? Shapes!
Funny, it sounds like I?m being your real life preschool teacher, don?t it?
Well, first, let?s let you know where the shapes are:

On the top image, you see where the shapes are located.
To change the shape there is the toolbar on the bottom image.
In order, this is what they are called: Rectangle tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse tool, Polygon tool, Line tool, Custom Shape Tool.
Now, look on the toolbar for this:

The first one is the ?Shape layers? which means, when you make a shape, it will be on a new layer, and unrasterized. But good for adding text on it, because I believe if you put text on it, it will warp to fix it, I may be wrong though.
The second is ?Path? Meaning, it makes a path, it?s like the ?Shape layers? but it?s not filled.
This is preferred for cutting out things.
The third is ?Fill pixels? meaning, it?s on the same layer, its rasterized, and it?s filled.
This one is preferred.
I?m sure you get the whole idea now, correct?
Well, now we move on to a bit harder of something, the custom shape tool.
This is a complex tool, harder then the rest, but simple all the more!

Once you select the tool on the side, it will be a thing called ?The Shape?, simply click it, and then you click the arrow.

Then click the category you would like.

Now, we move on once more.
To something like, Text!
Please select your text tool.
The icon is a ?T? standing for Text.

Click and drag the text tool on your canvas to make a box to put your text.
Then type your text.

Now, let?s show you the properties.

Now you may play around with those until happy.

Let?s move on, once more, to the Eraser Tool.

This tool is most like the regular brush tool, but it erases.
No need to explain more.
All the properties are the same ;)

Let?s talk a bit about, Layers!
Layers are one of the most important things for a professional.

To make a new layer press SHIFT+CTRL+N
Make sure not to hit ?M? instead of ?N? because that?s the shortcut to switching to Image Ready.
If this accidently happens, press ?SHIFT+CTRL+M? to reverse it back to Photoshop, then you may close Image Ready.
But do not close Image Ready with the image in it! Because it is not in Photoshop anymore!
Whatever you had, you?d loose!
I?ve done it before, it ended in tears, from weeks of work.
Yes, I do weeks of work without saving it, now I?ve learned, I now save it.
Now there you have a little tip, save it.

Layers can be hidden by pressing the little ?eye? icon in the Layers pallet (Window>Layers pallet).

Well that about summons it up for this tutorial.
See you next time!
Written by Amac (Kat)

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