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Did you know that you can help out Neotacular in many ways? We have a suggestion forum for you to post ways for us to make the site better, a submission form to submit game guides, graphics or anything, and "vote for us" links to topsites in the right column! We appreciate your support!

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Advent Calendar 2012

The Advent Calendar gives out a prize for every day in December! Below are the prizes for 2012. What were the most valuable gifts of the year? Visit the Advent Calendar to claim your prizes, but remember all you have is from December 1, 2012 till Decemeber 31, 2012 to claim these prizes on the date posted.

To add to the celebration, TNT added something new to the Advent Calendar. In each animation that plays on the Advent Calendar there will be a snowflake hidden each day. Once you've spotted the snowflake, you can click on it to receive a wintery-themed bonus prize. See the section below for a complete list of the items you can win.

The Advent Calendar gave out 23006 NP over 31 days!

December 1, 2012

581NP | Simple Snowflake Cape | Unidentified Petpetpet Plushie | Plastic Fir Avatar

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake-shaped fastener on King Roo's cape for a bonus prize.

December 2, 2012

683NP | Molten Holiday Tree | Molten Branch Sword

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake star on top of the Christmas tree for a bonus prize.

December 3, 2012

649NP | Keep Off My Lawn Sign | Tasteful Doily

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake ornament on the tree for a bonus prize.

December 4, 2012

820NP | Holiday Yooyu Garland | Yooyu in the Box

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on the box to claim a bonus prize.

December 5, 2012

599NP | Bruce Holiday Drink | Day at the Beach Background

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake in the Snowager treasure pile for a bonus prize

December 6, 2012

904NP | Negg Faerie Negg | Kari Punching Bag | Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake covered negg on Kari's negg stall.

December 7, 2012

811NP | MSPP Army Foreground | Pull Along MSPP

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake on the pair of scissors.

December 8, 2012

783NP | Unwanted Fruitcake | Supreme Commander Arlhox VII Plushie

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake behind the Alien Aishas.

December 9, 2012

926NP | Strawberry Mynci Plushie | Extra Festive Furry Table

You also find a Rod of Supernova!!!

... and as you to go pick it up, the Pant Devil snatches it and flies away. Boo hiss.

Hidden Snowflake: Click the largest Snowflake on the letter.

December 10, 2012

612NP | Tin of Moustache Wax | Holiday MAGAX and Nox Playset

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake on Magax's present.

December 11, 2012

744NP| Warm Winter Scarf | Skating on Kiko Lake Postcard

Hidden Snowflake: Click the largest falling Snowflake.

December 12, 2012

802NP | Pirate Birthday Card | Pirate Birthday Cake

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake on the present.

December 13, 2012

671NP | Daily Throat Lozenges | The Art of Being a Fan

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake on the Techo Fanatic's book.

December 14, 2012

732NP | Holiday Lawyerbot Plushie | Lawyerbot Collectors Guide

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake on the Lawyerbot Plushie's beanie.

December 15, 2012

559NP | Underwater Oven Gloves | Flotsam Fishing Game

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake on one of the Kois' batons.

December 16, 2012

698NP | Festive Holiday Scroll | Holidays in Brightvale

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Snowflake on Roberta's hair.

December 17, 2012

719NP | Chucklass | Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar

You also find a random Codestone and a random Dubloon.

Hidden Snowflake: Cick the snowflakes that come out of the exploding present.

December 18, 2012

571NP | Christmas Chomby Pull Along | Tyrannian Winters

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on the end of the Chomby's hat.

December 19, 2012

824NP | Lost Desert Fruitcake | Adventurous Desert Grarrl Action Figure

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on one of the fruit machine baubles.

December 20, 2012

636NP | Everlasting Mug of Borovan | Borovan-Flavoured Crisps

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on the jug of Borovan.

December 21, 2012

647NP | Cobrall Charmer Clarinet | Cobrall in a Basket

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on the present.

December 22, 2012

913NP | Meepit Overlord Garland | Christmas Petpet Paint Brush | Holiday Secret Meepit Stach Plan 1-Pack | Holiday Mohawk

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflakes on the present.

December 23, 2012

873NP | Haunted Locations of Mystery Island | Spooky Bottle of Sand

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Tiki Tak Man's snowflake necklace.

December 24, 2012

788NP | Plumpy | Plate of Bacon

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on the Plumpy.

December 25, 2012

1000NP | Snow Paint Brush | Fountain Faerie Quest How To Guide

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on the Kyrii's jumper.

December 26, 2012

663NP | Ghosts of Days of Giving Action Figures | Festive Gobbler Paint Set

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake ornament on the Christmas tree.

December 27, 2012

581NP | Deplorably Ugly Christmas Ornaments | Christmas Darigan Plushie

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake ornament in the Quiggle's briefcase.

December 28, 2012

852NP | The Big Book of Blue | Stinky Haze

Hidden Snowflake: Click the Baby Ogrin's snowflake shaped necklace.

December 29, 2012

750NP | Laughing Potion | Floral Battle Dung

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflakes on the podium.

December 30, 2012

658NP | Shenkuu Holiday Feast | Holiday Hair Chopsticks

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake ornament hanging from the ceiling.

December 31, 2012

957NP | Chokato Hat | Chokato-Free New Year | Winter Holiday Site Theme

Hidden Snowflake: Click the snowflake on the Draik's chest.

Holiday Snowball

When you click on a Snowflake, you might be lucky to find a special NC Mall Holiday Snowball. If you purchase a set of Really Warm Holiday Mittens, you can melt down the snowball and get a special NC Mall wearable.

Really Warm Holiday Mittens
125 NC

After you use the Really Warm Holiday Mittens, they will be returned to you as a new wearable, the Cheery Snowflake Mittens.

Cheery Snowflake Mittens

Holiday Snowball Prizes

Christmas Treats Garland

Dark Winter Wig and Beanie

Knitted Grey Caplet

Magical Festive Holiday Wings

Nutcracker Sentinels

Raindorf Handheld Plushie

Shopping in Neopia Central Background

Snowflake Contacts

Snowman Hoodie

Sparkling Red Holiday Dress

Snowflake Bonus Prizes:

Snowflake Bonus Prizes

A Collectors Guide to Snowglobes

Abominable Snowball

A Fir Story

Berry Cola Slushie

Blue Pop Slushie

Blunella Brucicle

Blurf Brucicle

Chocalotta Ice Lolly

Coffee Slushie

Dropped Snowcone

Exploding Snowflake


Frosty Doughnut

Frozen Snowball

Frozen Veggie Sandwich

Glowing Snowflake

Golden Snowflake

Grape Snowflake

Grunion Brucicle

Guide to Neopian Snowflakes

Healing Potion XIII

Healing Potion XIV

Healing Potion XV

Healing Potion XVII

Healing Potion XVIII

Ice Cheese

Ice Shard

Ice Shield

Large Honey Smoothie

Large Wild Chocomato Smoothie

Lemon Ginger Smoothie

Liver and Onions Ice Lolly

Mighty Melon Ice Lolly

Peach Snowflake


Skullberry Brucicle

Small Roasted Chestnut Smoothie

Small Yogurt Pea Smoothie

Snow Architecture

Snowball Club

Snow Days

Snow Loaf


Super Ice Sword

Tchea Brucicle

Tchea Fruit Slushie

Tetraberry Slushie

The Snow Aisha Adventure

Thistleberry Ice Lolly

Tigerbuggle Ice Lolly

- Brought to you by Stephen
Any errors spotted in the above guide? Tell us!

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