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Welcome to neotacular | Forums

Visit the Forums!
Visit the Forums!

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The next step is now out. First you need to find a quivering little petpet who could be hiding in one of three places, so check them all: the farm, the docks, or the rock quarry

user posted image

As the page suggests, take him to the archivist. The poor fellow will show up on the archivist picture.

Go back to the lobby, and go to the alchemy club.

"Buy" the Elixir
user posted image
(don't worry, you don't have to pay)

user posted image
The archivist comes to the rescue. Click on the "continue" button.

Go back to the archivist and click on the petpet in the image:
user posted image

Go to the colosseum and find the punch club again. Once you do there is a piece of pie you can click on, do so to obtain it.
user posted image

Be sure to click the "continue" button. You should now be able to feed the petpet.

Now we need to get a bandage, so visit the restive tomb and click on the bar on the door:
user posted image

Keep refreshing until you see a bandage sticking out, then click it. (refresh so that the page loads at 0 seconds, you can tell by the clock on the sidebar)
user posted image

Be sure to click "continue" and you'll now have the option of bandages with the petpet. Now go to the petpet. Now you need to do the following actions based on the petpet's condition:

(Wait one minute after you do the action, then click on "Check In")

If you make a mistake you have to restart be going to the archive and clicking the petpet again!

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
Give Medicine

After you have successfully helped the petpet 10 times he'll get better:
user posted image

And you'll get a certificate. Click on the certificate:
user posted image

And you'll find the next constellation:
user posted image

Which happens to be "The Gatherer"
user posted image

Return to the archivist by clicking the button. Now you just need to find the constellation, so find your coordinates and then plot it on the telescope

Click here to see the result

The janitor says: (foreshadowing..?)
The janitor says, "Wow, it's getting really bright in here with all these gems lighting up on the ceiling. Only two left! I wonder if anything special happens when all of them are lit up. Now that would be something to see."

The astronomy club says: (dedicated...or decide)
The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room... except the club president, who isn't here.

The Wocky, Korbat, and Buzz approach. "No, we haven't gotten rid of him yet. He left just as we were about to take over. We're gonna wait by the door, and when he comes back in, that's when we'll make our move! Get ready!" They hide by the door, waiting for the club president to return... although it could be a few days.

The archivist says: (hmmmmm...)
The archivist says, "It was obvious, really -- Fauna, the Gatherer, protector of Petpets. How fortunate that you happened upon that wounded Vaeolus. He finished his recovery while you were gone, and left to find his owner."

He opens a book on his desk to a particular page. "This is an ancient Altadorian spellbook. It doesn't have any history in it that I could find -- no real surprise there -- but it does have some magics which might have been used as... parts of a larger spell, I suppose. Now, this evidence is rather circumstantial, but the kinds of magics in this book are about hiding knowledge and erasing memories." He flips to the inside cover. Some words are hand-written on the front page:

This book donated to the Altadorian Archives by Jerdana

He swallows, looks around nervously, and whispers to you. "You must keep this secret! If Jerdana were to hear of this, well -- she might kill us, or worse! And that's assuming she even remembers what happened -- she might have made sure that the spell affected her own memory, so that she could honestly deny any knowledge of what she did. At least, until the spell was broken, and then..." He shrugs. "Who knows what machinations she's planning?" He coughs. "Assuming that Jerdana even is the one behind this. She might just be a pawn of Altador's, or some other power entirely... We must be vigilant if we are to survive this."

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